Memoirs of a Second Life Slut

Here is a list of acronyms used in my blog. I wanted to put this here because I might not remember to explain exactly what I mean when I use an acronym, I will try to make sure any acronym I use contains a link to this page, but I might not do that either.

  • SL – Second Life; self explanatory
  • RL – Real Life; self explanatory
  • TP – Teleport; device used for getting from point A to point B nearly instantly
  • L$ – Linden Dollars; the currency used in SL for buying things and paying for services (escorts, etc)
  • RP – Role Play/Role Playing; behaving in a certain character – i.e. rapist, victim, stud, slut, etc
  • OOC – Out Of Character; discussions during an RP session, which are not actually part of the RP, many times encased in double parenths – ((this is OOC communication))
  • IM – Instant Message; private communication between two or more people in a private channel, where those in the immediate area cannot participate.
  • SLURL- Second Life URL; this is a URL you can use to TP to a specific location in SL. Click it and it will open the program and/or display the map with the location selected, all you have to do is click the “Teleport” button.
  • LM – Landmark; These are equivalent to bookmarks in your browser. They are short cut SLURLs to places you have been and want to go again. You can also give copies of them to other people.

[…] Memoirs of a Second Life Slut {June 12, 2007}   In the beginning… I use some acronyms here, and I might not remember to explain what they are. You can find my list of Second Life acronyms here. […]

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