Memoirs of a Second Life Slut

Here are my SLURLS. When I make a post and discuss a particular area, I’ll post the SLURL in the post, and also try and remember to post it here as well. I will try, but I might not.

Hard Alley Detention School for Girls Gone Bad , Ninamo (171,81,546)


CumDumpster, Bishop (185, 146, 55) – This has become the “New Forced Feminization Facility” – it should be noted that it is in no way associated with FFU or Wendy Lemay’s Forced Fem Facility (now defunct)

Forced Feminization University – Crystal (21, 59, 84)

BSDM Bondage Bukkake – Rigi(45,183,301) – This is now “Fallen Angel Designs HQ Store” – a STORE! I’ll have to check it out when I have more time 😉

Human Trafficking Mansion – Oraenji(38,118,551)

Inspired Playground – Inspired Madness(135,88,22)

If there are any links broken, please let me know (comment in one of the posts would be fine 🙂 )

[…] my time teleporting around trying to get some good SLURLs for you blessed readers. So check out my SLURLs page, because there are some new additions. They can be very extreme, so if you are timid at all, […]

Kris says:

Interesting blog, your openess and lack of limit (as far as I can see) is refreshing and attractive.

SL seems very restrictive in many ways, and I’m a total noob to opensim, I’ll see how I get on.

[…] been keeping me too busy – they are hard to resist you know) – and that some of the links on my SLURLS page are out of date. One of the things that can be annoying in SL is that a great place goes […]

Angel says:

I am sorry – but there seems to be a typo regarding the “Human Trafficking Mansion”, its in oraenji not oreanji…
Fully: Oraenji (37, 117, 551)


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